Cornealius and the entire Service Team at Century BMW continues to not only meet but surpass my expectations! His specific attention to detail and personalized approach towards getting results remains my top reasons for continuing to do business with Century Automotive Group and is the Standard for which all others are compared. Simply, the BEST!



Thank you for your note.  I assure you that this was perhaps the finest car buying experience I have had in too many years of buying! Bradley Dale was absolutely perfect as a salesman from the first time I met him three weeks ago through completion. You probably don't realize that we were about to walk out after discussing at some length the purchase of a Cayman S. We simply didn't love the car and as we were about to leave Bradley suggested we take a look at the CPO 911 that we ended up buying. We absolutely fell in love with it within a minute or two of our first test drive! Bradley made us happy and certainly saved the sale!



We were exceptionally pleased with all interactions with your staff. DeWayne was both professional and friendly in perfect combination. Other than driving our old 328i home from your location, we've yet to have the opportunity to test out all repairs performed. You've gained two loyal customers in my wife and I. We will be telling all other BMW owners in our area to make the drive to Century Automotive in Huntsville - well with the drive from Birmingham.

Ben Riddle 



I recently placed an order with Porsche Huntsville for a custom-build Porsche Macan S. While it will easily cost me more than twice what I've ever paid for any car in 45 years, my experience with Porsche Huntsville was light years from any other car dealership that I've ever dealt with. In my several visits to the dealership (lasting years!), I talked with both Ray Diaz and Jon Cunha on several occasions and was always treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. Unlike my myriad experiences with other dealerships and their inevitable high-pressure tactics, I never felt like I needed go home and take a bath after visiting Porsche Huntsville. I was never pressured to buy "today" (i.e., "What will it take for you to buy this car today?") - something that was key in my final decision to spend so much more for a car that I ever have.

Both Ray and Jon let the car sell itself, something it did quite magnificently. While I'm not buying a 911, Ray was sensitive to the fact that I was spending far more money than I personally ever had for a car. He gave me the freedom to take my time and get exactly what I want, and not be rushed into anything. I greatly appreciate his sensitivity to the fact that not everyone that walks into Porsche Huntsville has $150k to nonchalantly spend on a car. Ray introduced us to the world of Porsche and made my wife (Debbie) and I feel like we were joining a family.

As the Sales Manager, Jon blew me away with his technical knowledge and expertise on the Porsche cars - something absolutely unheard of in my experience with sales managers. Astonishingly, he took more than an hour on two separate occasions with me (when Ray was unavailable) to patiently answer all my questions and educate me on various technical aspects. Instead of sitting in an unapproachable "Ivory Sales Tower", Jon is on the floor where the rubber meets the road - and where the sale is ultimately made. My decision to buy was ultimately sealed by my interaction with Jon.

Randy, the service manager patiently answered my questions and made me feel like a real flesh&blood customer and not just a number.

While I may be spending more than I ever have for a car, your dealership eased the decision. Porsche Huntsville has a new customer for life.

I would appreciate it if you would also share this email with Tracy.


Bob Pratico


George....I have throughly enjoyed working with Century Porsche....but, I especially want you to know how much I appreciate the personal service and the attention to the details when I ordered my new 991.2. The car is exciting, but nothing will match the enjoyment of working with Ray Diaz. He is a true professional and now I can say he is my friend. 


Tell Ray "thank you! I will do business with Century again.....


Andy Lowery



Just a quick note to let you know why I drive four hours (from Auburn) to have Century BMW service my vehicles.  Last Thursday, Mike Burns took fantastic care of me and my beautiful machine.  He made everything easy and kept in contact with me to let me know of the work progress and suggest needed service.  I am a car nut and know how everything on my BMWs work.  I am very particular about who touches my machines.  Roy took personal care and attention in servicing and repair of my cherished 535i.  

Please pass my thanks to Mike, Roy and the guys in Parts.  These people along with Ann Marie, are why I go out of my way to use Century BMW!  

PS.  I drove from CA to buy my Z4 from Century.  We are now enjoying life in Auburn.

Wishing you and your family the best Christmas.

Dan Hatcher

The service was unbelievable, I will tell you why! It's July 4th, weekend and I am driving to Chicago alone, from Leesburg, Ga. I left home at 05 a.m., My Range Rover, was performing beautiful, smooth ride, good music, great coffee. I was on I-65 north heading toward Huntsville, Alabama then the nice cool air CHANGED, to blowing  WARM air. My heart rate was rising too! I made every attempt with the dials in the truck to get a, "little cool air to blow" NOTHING just warm steady air. I MADE IT TO EXIT 322, To a LOVES, gas station in the back at the 18 wheeler dept. I was crying by now. The 18 wheeler mechanic, looked at my truck and said, "NO"  "I will look on my phone for a Range Rover dealer in this area for you". He found you all. I arrived at the service dept. HOT, SCARED, and thinking the worst thoughts. (I NEED TO TURN AROUND AND GO BACK HOME TO GEORGIA, BUT, WILL THE TRUCK MAKE IT BACK TO GA?)  I was expecting to be told., # 1 you do not have an appointment. # 2. It's July 4th weekend and we are booked solid. #3. We cannot help you.  But instead, the nicest, professional, friendly, Don Baker, greeted me with a smile, eye contact, and he LISTEN, to me. First thing he said was "We will help you! It will take a while but we will pull your truck in. Come into the lounge and sit down, get some refreshments, and I will keep you undated about your truck. The shop recharge the A/C SYSTEM, and I was back on the highway with COLD AIR BLOWING!! GREAT!  I made it to Chicago, and had a wonderful trip and I got the new job.  The word THANKS, can no way express the gratitude I have for the service I received. I thank you and my family thanks you. 

From Bernice Barnes,  

Subject: Jamall Ceasor and Our New X5

Dear Ms. Jones,

I want to take a moment to express our sincere appreciation for a most
wonderful buying experience and extend our thanks to a member of your sales
staff, whom I consider one of the best salesman I've ever dealt with.  My
wife, Miyon, and I had been test driving a number of high end luxury SUVs
during the past several weeks and on Saturday, although we were not looking
to buy, was fortunate enough to enter your BMW showroom and was greeted
warmly by Jamall Ceasor.  He "immediately" established a friendly
relationship with us and, unlike some other salesman we had encountered,
made us feel at ease and that our wants/needs were his #1 priority.

It didn't take long at all to recognize that Jamall is a unique salesman
that possesses the attributes most customers seek in this situation, but
seldom find.  His creativity puts him well ahead of the pack--a true
rainmaker that brings a unique vision to his work and made him stand out.
Never before had I encountered a salesman with so much passion--a genuine
love for your product which made the selection of our X5 irresistible!  I
believe it's a characteristic which can't be "faked" and he certainly
communicated his true passion to us.  While BMW has gone the extra mile to
add "attention to detail" to their products, Jamall expertly conveyed each
of these benefits with his own "attention to detail!" 

His integrity is beyond reproach!  With 30 years of service in the World's
Greatest Air Force, integrity is at the very top of my list of necessary
attributes when dealing with people.  Throughout the course of the initial
greeting, test drive, the "numbers" and the final closing, Jamall continued
to build on a trusting relationship that ended up being a major factor in
our decision to purchase the X5.

His tenacity and commitment were also very evident.  Although tenacious, at
no time did we feel "pressured" into purchasing a vehicle that we were not
totally 100% happy with.  His commitment is contagious and his obvious
desire to make us happy with the "ultimate driving machine" soon became our
commitment to own the "ultimate driving machine!"

When it came down to the numbers, Jamall and your management staff met and
even exceeded our expectations.  We traded-in our 2008 Volvo XC-90
(purchased from Century Volvo and maintained totally by your Century Volvo
staff) and received a what we considered a very fair trade-in price, which
was higher than any other dealership had offered (and we test drove them

All in all, we firmly believe we experienced the "ultimate purchasing
experience" and ended up with the "ultimate driving machine" and had the
privilege of dealing with who we consider the "ultimate BMW salesman!"  

Kudos also to your finance manager, David McGhee, as well as your staff in
your parts department.  They added to the "ultimate purchasing experience!"
We look forward to furthering this experience with your BMW service
department and look forward to meeting both you and your husband, George, at
some time in the near future.

Please convey our sincere appreciation to Jamall for his wonderful customer
service and thanks for our "ultimate driving machine!"

Warmest regards,

Bill and Miyon

Dear workshop manager,

  Usually I express my thanks for execution of well performances verbally to providing persons, only. Therefore, that is the first time I am writing an acknowledgement for excellent workshop service. On Monday before last Monday, I went in your workshop asking to schedule the first car service. Your employee David act very professional and an appointment was made according to my request. At that time, I was a bit of apprehensive regarding practicability of the service, due to the fact requesting service for a Diesel car built in accordance with European specification. David answered all my questions to my complete satisfaction. Then the service was performed in a timely and professional manner. While I was waiting during service at your public areas, the service performer Chris came by and explained some specials happened to my car in an excellent manner. I'm now convinced that your workshop runs by with well trained and high experienced personnel. I highly value the professional performance of your team, especially Chris and David's brilliant performance. I am continuing to share my experience with my friends and colleagues.


Klaus Braunschaedel

To live my dream of owning a beautiful, quality crafted, exotic automobile was simply amazing as I drove my supercharged Jaguar XKR from the Dealership to its new home. As with other cars I realized, too, the importance the Dealership would play in keeping my dream car maintained to the strict specifications to which the automobile was constructed.

What I hadn't realized was how important the Dealership would become in accommodating my hectic schedule. Everything from doing the best to get me in at the last minute to balance a tire or ordering and using a specific motor oil I wanted used in my Jaguar. It seemed nothing was too difficult or inconvenient for them. Century Jaguar has always gone far beyond the call. Though my Jag has only needed maintenance, the Dealership keeps in regular contact with me. Jimmy, Claudia, Randy, Lori, Don and Miguel have demonstrated by their actions that they are about far more than just selling and maintaining one of the top automobile Marques in the world, they are about developing and maintaining a honest team relationship with their owners. Thanks to these people my dream is alive and well.
Dear workshop manager, Usually I express my thanks for execution of well performances verbally to providing persons, only. Therefore, that is the first time I am writing an acknowledgement for excellent workshop service. On Monday before last Monday, I went in your workshop asking to schedule the first car service. Your employee David act very professional and an appointment was made according to my request. At that time, I was a bit of apprehensive regarding practicability of the service, due to the fact requesting service for a Diesel car built in accordance with European specification. David answered all my questions to my complete satisfaction. Then the service was performed in a timely and professional manner. While I was waiting during service at your public areas, the service performer Chris came by and explained some specials happened to my car in an excellent manner. I'm now convinced that your workshop runs by with well trained and high experienced personnel. I highly value the professional performance of your team, especially Chris and David's brilliant performance. I am continuing to share my experience with my friends and colleagues. Sincerely Klaus Braunschaedel 1501 Old Monrovia Road Huntsville 

I live in Nashville and after seeing other reviews on the BMW dealership here, I decided to go elsewhere. I was visiting family for Christmas and decided to swing by Century BMW with my mother yesterday. I was greeted by a very friendly and funny salesperson. He answered all our questions and bent over backwards to help me. I found the car I wanted and talked payments. Being 22 years old, I figured no one would take me seriously; however, he talked numbers with me. He also gave me "food for thought" - giving me some advice that was very beneficial to me. I qualified for the lowest interest rate, as I have immaculate credit. He said he was surprised b/c of my age. In the end, I couldn't drive it home that night - although he tried EVERYTHING to get me in the car that day. I needed to submit some additional paperwork - however he stated he could deliver my vehicle to me in Nashville tomorrow! They also offered to drive my other vehicle back to my mother where we can give it to my sister as a "starter" car. My experience with Century BMW was AMAZING. I have wanted a BMW from the time I was a child. This year has been a blessing in my life. - I graduated college, graduate school, got a great job, new house... and b/c of Century BMW... and BMW to boot. I would recommend everyone going there for their buying needs.

Century customer

I have bought 2 BMW's (535 and 740 iL) and 6 Volvos (2 S80's, a S60, a C70 and 2 850's) from this dealer in the last 15 years. Their sales staff is always knowledgeable, courteous, and NOT pushy. Their service department is also top notch. Buy here, you won't be disappointed.
Century customer

Hello I wanted to send a note of thanks to a couple of your sales team members---Jimmy Bryant and Chuck Mullins. My wife and I were in the market for a new SUV and were looking for something unique which fit our budget and driving needs. After visiting a few different dealerships in Huntsville we stopped at your dealership where we were meet by professional no pressure sales people who won our business that day and our future auto purchases. Your dealership has keep the friendly personal touch to dealing with customers. We are enjoying our Land Rover and the after sales support which came with it. Thanks to Jimmy and Chuck for being great sales persons!!!!
Labron Whiteside

Dear George: As you may be aware, Carol and I have purchased automobiles from your dealership. Recently, i had some general service work done on my porsche which prompted me to write you regarding the courteousness and professionalism of your service and sales staff. I simply cannot say enough about Randy Carter. I could not have expected anybody to be more responsive,helpful and courteous in taking care of my porsche. In summary, i maybe unique in that i like to get my car serviced. Also, Ray Diaz, the salesperson i dealt with when i purschased the last porsche, is a real asser to your company.He is very capable and pleasent person to work with. Carol and I will be in the market for another vechile int the next several months and i can assure you that we will be getting in touch of your folks.
Porsche Customer

Hello George,

I just want to voice how continually and repeatedly impressed I am with your Land Rover maintenance team! From the front office customer contact representative (Don) to the behind the scenes mechanics actually doing the work I have always seen nothing but pure professionalism and the highest quality of work done, but you could lower the prices a bit :) just a little humor.

Thanks so much for a great staff, and I look forward to the next time in come in for service on my LR3 Todd Jurhs
Todd Jurhs

I research a new car purchase in DETAIL. It takes months for me to decide, I drive lots of cars and visit a lot of dealerships. I will look in several cities including Birmingham, Nashville, and Atlanta. No one was as patient, friendly, and low pressure as Jaguar Huntsville. They always wanted me to take a car, even offering to let me keep it for a weekend (I didn't), and offering to leave me one at my office. Wow, who does that nowadays? I wanted some custom LED running lights from Germany, they had not heard of the company but were can-do and ordered them for me and did a great job with installation-at a very fair price. I wanted paint protection film-but they didn't offer that at the dealership, although they knew someone in town who did it (I used Wonderbraa in Nashville because they were a certified installer). Chuck and Jimmy know their cars, and you can tell they really believe in the Jaguar brand. I have had only routine service but that has been first rate also. Chuck encouraged me to go to the R Performance Academy (a complimentary driving school for XFR and XKR purchasers) which was a blast. I have purchased "luxury" cars for 20 years. This is my first with this dealership. So far, it is my best experience yet.

"This 2011 X3 is the sixth new BMW we have purchased from Century Auto since 1997. The people are friendly; the buying experience is fair; and we can always count on the service department to have our best interest first. The work is performed on time with with confidence and completeness. We feel like family when we are there. Wouldn't buy anywhere else. "

We're proud to announce that Land Rover Huntsville has won the prestigious Land Rover Pinnacle Retailer Excellence Award for 2010/2011 for outstanding sales, service and customer satisfaction. Only 16 of the 168 U.S. Land Rover retailers attain Pinnacle Club status each year. We are proud to have achieved this honor. Our thanks goes to our customers for their support and loyalty to us and to the Land Rover brand. We will continue to take the ideals of excellence and turn them into a way of doing business-for every customer, every day.
Land Rover Huntsville wins Pinnacle Club Award

Hi Andrea, I received your message, but my cell phone service is so terrible here, I thought I would email you rather than make you suffer through trying to make out what I am saying via phone. Please update my email to this email address and please include me on the Century Newsletter list. As to my service last week, of course, I was happy with it, which is why I have been coming back all these years and why I recommend Century to everyone I meet who has a Bimmer. As for Rick, I can't praise him enough. He is the best, most conscientious and most honest BMW Service person with whom I have ever dealt. The same goes for John, who works on my car. I trust (and rely on) both of them completely. Century is very fortunate to have them both.. None of these things can I say about other BMW dealerships, service personnel or mechanics whom I have encountered in other cities through they years.. Having worked in dealerships and as a mechanic myself. I don't hand out such accolades lightly. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Have a wonderful weekend!

Mr. Jones,

I want to thank you very much for everything you have done in getting a solution for the seat heater in my wife's X3. I had a boss once who told us that while customer satisfaction is good and what most service providers attempt to achieve, she wanted us to shoot for customer delight. As I stated in the last written correspondence, service has never been an issue with Century. Again, your staff is way beyond competent, and always friendly, courteous and professional. I have to say that it's very good to see that the level of professionalism, commitment, and courtesy at Century BMW (and I'm sure with the rest of the Century group) starts at the top.

I can truly say that I have never received better care and service from any company, not just automotive dealers, than I have from you and your staff. I know I am repeating myself, but thank you again for your commitment to your customers. You have an excellent product and the way your business is run makes it even better.
R. Cary

Mr. and Mrs. Jones, I wanted to let you know something that you guys probably already know. Y'all have been servicing my BMWs (335I sedan and 335I convertible) for the last (almost) 4 years. I have dealt with BMW dealers in Clearlake TX (Clearlake BMW), Cleveland OH (Spitzer), Jackson MS (Herrin-Gear), and of course, here. We are always quick to complain and criticize when things don't go exactly as we expect, however we aren't as diligent when it comes time to let you know when things go right, when excellent service is provided. I had to take the time to let you know that I think Rick Waugh is the best service rep I have ever dealt with. He knows BMWs better than anyone I have ever met. His technical acumen is unmatched. Aside from that, he is extremely personable and professional. He is ALWAYS busy, but somehow makes you feel like your his number one focus. He goes out of his way to explain issues, help save your customers (me, in this case) money, and make what isn't really a pleasant experience as pleasant as possible (going to the car dealer, spending a bunch of money, etc.). Don't want to keep going on and on, but I wanted to let you guys know that it's people like Rick that will keep people coming back, for service, for a new car, whatever. Just wanted to let Rick (and you guys especially) know that his courtesy and professionalism is very appreciated! It reflects very positively on your dealership! Thank you!
Tom Ziemianski

Dear Tracy and George Jones, We would like to commend Land Rover of Huntsville for providing excellent service since the purchase of our 2008 Land Rover LR3. Jimmy Bryant was very instrumental in our decision to purchase this vehicle. His honest and personable approach put us at ease throughout the entire process. He is always available to answer our questions, even on a Sunday when we experienced trouble on an out of town trip! We have purchased Volvo's and BMW's from Century Automotive as well, but our experience at Land Rover of Huntsville has far exceeded any preceding purchases or customer care/service experiences. We would also like to extend compliments for Don Baker. He is the sole service representative we have dealt with at Land Rover of Huntsville. Don has been knowledgable and informative on all of our service and repair needs. He is always helpful, friendly and accommodating. He takes care of us from the moment we walk in the dealership until the moment we leave. We can honestly recommend Land Rover of Huntsville to anyone looking for a positive car buying experience with consistantly great customer service! We look forward to many more years with the Century family.
A. Havely


This past week I was toying with the idea of purchasing a new 750LI. I
decided to keep my current 745LI as my car is in excellent shape and has
been well maintained by Century BMW. Al Smith suggested that I drive the
new 5 series, which I did. It was a fabulous car but again I still was
partial to my 745LI. Here is where the dilemma started. I had promised my
16-year-old daughter that she could have my car when I bought a new one.
Knowing that I did not wish, at that time, to purchase another vehicle for
myself, I turned my attention to buying my daughter a car. Al Smith never
once lost sight of my goal of buying my daughter a BMW. Al continued
tirelessly worked with me, where we looked at numerous different vehicle
options. Al kept crunching the numbers and helped me look at most of the
cars on the lot. With the help of Al, we were able to come to the perfect
car for her. She was so excited and proud. Al and the whole Century BMW
staff made this a great experience.

This included David McGhee, who worked over several hours finding the best
rate and financing options. Dave actually called me back the next day and
told me he had found me a lower rate. Dave kept working on my account even
after the sale, saving me an additional $50 dollars a month.

In addition, when it comes to service, Rick Waugh is the best. He is the
nicest, friendliest and most knowledgeable service representative I have
ever dealt with. If Rick tells me my car needs some sort of maintenance, I
do not feel the need to remotely question him. Rick can tell you what your
BMW needs, the price it will cost to repair or apply preventative
maintenance and it is almost always on the penny of what he quotes you and
he has it ready when he says it will be.

This is my fourth BMW and I will only buy from Century.

Les DuPre


I would really like to thank you and your staff for the excellent service provided to me during my purchase. My experience with Century has been an excellent one from start to finish. I could not be happier with my new to me, 2013 Range Rover Sport. From the condition of the vehicle, to the negotiations, to having the vehicle delivered to my front door, your staff excelled in areas that others only dream about! As a critic and a veteran of this industry, I can tell you without hesitation--"Great Job"! Please feel free to share my letter with future and past clients and most importantly the ownership of your company. I am that happy! Merry Christmas to you and your family both at home and at work!


Charlie Jess

Sent from my iPhone

I am writing to tell you how much we appreciate your service adviser Rick Waugh.  He is a major reason we are still with BMW.  We actually at one point purchased a Mercedes because at the time we needed a large SUV but soon sold it and came back to Century and BMW because of the relative quality of your service department and Rick in particular.

He is always responsive, attentive and concerned.  He goes out of his way to accommodate us and insure we have loaners.  He keeps us informed and we have the sense that he is on top of our issues.  Recently, for example, he worked very hard to get us a new wheel overnight for our 750 li rather than let us risk driving with a cracked one. He has never tried to belittle our issues or imply they were our fault or imagination.  He is a competent and knowledgeable technical person as well.  He has kept our small problems unimportant and our overall experience positive. Rick is also just a nice guy and it is always a pleasure to deal with him.  

Before retiring, I was VP of Sales of a division of a twelve billion dollar computer company.  I know how important service is to sales.  It is Rick who has insured that we keep on buying BMW.

Chuck and Dianne Gibb