Customer Review: Glenda Simpson

Meet Glenda Simpson, a loyal Century BMW customer. Glenda has lived in Huntsville for 8 years and recently purchased her second BMW from Century BMW!

What do you like about Century BMW?

-“The owners; it’s a family-oriented business that takes great pride in their business, from finance to customer care.”
-“Customer service, the flexibility of bringing my car in for service, and the overall good communication when it comes to the maintenance and care of your car.”

Why did you purchase a BMW?

-“There is minimum maintenance, it handles the road well, and if you take care of a BMW, it will take care of you!”
-“My experience from owning 4 BMWs has been successful. The first BMW reached 267,000 miles, and my second reached 220,000 miles, both with low maintenance. The cars got old and I just wanted to upgrade each time.”

Would you recommend Century BMW to other customers?

-“Yes, I recommend anyone interested in purchasing a BMW to come to Century and check it out!”
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